Researching anything with a user
Helping clients answer questions


Usability Testing

  • One-on-One, Lab, Remote, Unmoderated, Field, Guerilla
  • Paper, Prototype, Beta, Validation

Heuristic Evaluation

  • When quick turnaround is needed, this expert review provides effective insights and keeps the budget low

Card Sorts

  • Open, Closed, Tree, Taxonomy, Information Architecture


  • Fast, cheap or good  --  Pick two

Ethnography and Contextual inquiries

  • In situ observation and interviews

Persona Development

  • Give your user types background stories, so your team will empathize more with them when designing

Focus groups

  • When done the right way it isn't marketing 
  • Using small groups and/or software we limit the noisy one in the group

Eye tracking

  • Expensive equipment and large numbers of participants needed to get valid data  
  • If you've got the budget, we have the skills